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My name is Kerstin van den Bosch and I have been running the family business, which has been in existence since 1991, in the second generation.
I have made it my business to steer our company and our team into a positive future with heart and soul, passion and responsibility.
VAN DEN BOSCH GmbH | Textile company with its own production in Zwickau / Saxony
Community Hohndorf
Letter from the mayor of the municipality of Hohndorf
A good reputation is more delicious
than great wealth
in reputation better
than silver and gold.
Proverbs 22:1
Dear Mrs. van den Bosch,

I would like to congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of your business.

In a time of great social upheaval, your father founded the company and developed it into a real brand product with high quality standards, which ensured many satisfied customers.

You, dear Mrs. van den Bosch, took over the company in stormy times. You gave new impulses and developed your business further. With the move to your new location you set further quality standards and thus set up your company for the future. All the efforts and work in your premises have paid off. In such a tasteful ambience, people like to be advised and like to buy. Furthermore, you also rely on your own in-house production. You create very good working conditions for your employees and can thus realize individual customer wishes. The single productions of my many ties prove this individuality. You pay a lot of attention to the management and the handling of your staff. Thus you create a particularly positive working atmosphere, which one can feel during visits in your premises. A whole special achievement, which demands all highest respect from me. Many thanks for it. Your friendly approach to customers, coupled with your expertise, are very special gifts that you have.

For the future I wish you, as well as all employees, God's blessing, creativity, innovative ideas, best health and a satisfied clientele.

Greetings with a hearty
good luck

Matthias Groschwitz
VAN DEN BOSCH | Complete outfit for men - Men's outfitter - Groom - Business
Textile company with own production in Zwickau | Family business in second generation